Well, today was garage saling/selling/sailing (which is it? no matter – I’ll be sure to continue to use all of them interchangeably) day – over the first hour, I had ZERO luck. I think I just started out too early.

I was able to shell out $30 clams for the following pieces of furniture:

Solid buys, if you ask me!

1 educational book and all of my vintage cards sold as well!

EDIT:  I forgot to post that the Game of Thrones cards sold also.

Anywho, here is the update:

Card lot as shown in 6/13 post (minus game of thrones cards)

55 Serving Platters
Panthers Jersey
Paula Deen autographed menu
Mega Bloks Barn Set
Scrapbooking Machine
1 Camera & lens
box of educational books
Geotrax Set
Coffee Table
Vanity/Entry Table

$2,129 total

Keepers (for now)
Fabric of the Game Canseco Jersey
Absolute Heroes Canseco Jersey / Cap
2 Security Cameras
6 plates (wife let me know that we will be keeping 6 of the plates!)