I figured I would update this post since today is GARAGE SALE DAY. One of my favorite days of the week. First, all my cards have sold. I had gotten some in on a trade, but they are gone already too. So, this thread is now card free … which will probably only last for a few days, I’d imagine. Here is the “stuff” I picked up today at the garage sale.

First, this beauty. Note the uber serious gangsta look I’m sporting. Yes, I take my doll buying/selling seriously. (Actually, this is going to my dad to have him sell.)

HUGE Step 2 toybox – $10

Man with EPIC beard that I tried to covertly take a pic of. You will note he is looking right at me. Note to self: If taking a covert picture, TURN THE FREAKING FLASH OFF #spyfail

Step 2 somethingeruther – $10

Very nice ottoman – $25 (wife is claiming this for now)

Our favorite pickup of the day – a Wii for $30! (It came with a wii fit pad, but we later found another wii fit pad complete with everything else for $10) – We are keeping the wii for sure!

Gamecube for $2 BWAHAHAH

sesame street storage bin system $4

Air Jordans! $5

Bumbo $5

Printer w/extra ink $20 (I may keep this so my expensive equipment won’t get used unless making my customs … this can be me “for everything else” work horse)

Gorgeous circular chinese wall art $8

baby gate $1

glass top wicker basket $5

cubby system $10

2 very nice comic book display pieces $10 (keeping these for now)

Chipotle lunch for a job well done.

One other note of interest: At one garage sale, a woman in her 70’s (about 5 ft tall) – I caught her staring at me. She then said “big truck”.

“Pardon, ma’am?”

“Oh! I just said that sounded like a big truck!”

Then she followed up with “How tall are you?” It was almost a panicked question. I told her 6’1 and she went on and on about this other guy she knew who was 6’1 and they took a picture together to show how different they were in size. She proceeded to stand next to me almost as if we were about to take a picture.

I wish we had.

Anyway, She yelled over to a younger guy in her garage: “6-1!!!!”

He said “huh?”

She pointed to me “He is 6-1”.

“What is that supposed to mean?”

She responded “He is 6 feet one inch tall!!!”

He said “Ohhh, ohhh…kkkkaaaaayyy.” Then walked in. At that point, I had to make a fast break for the minivan,, for fear of dying laughing in front of her.


55 Serving Platters
Panthers Jersey
Paula Deen autographed menu
Mega Bloks Barn Set
Scrapbooking Machine
1 Camera & lens
box of educational books
Geotrax Set
Coffee Table
Vanity/Entry Table
step 2 storage bin
step 2 other thingy
wii fit pad
game cube
sesame street cubby system
regular cubby system
air jordans
circular chinese dragon wall art
baby gate
cubby system

$2,216.50 total

Keepers (for now)
Fabric of the Game Canseco Jersey
Absolute Heroes Canseco Jersey / Cap
2 Security Cameras
6 plates (wife let me know that we will be keeping 6 of the plates!)
black ottoman
2 comic display pieces
wii & wii fit
MP640 printer
glass top wicker basket