First … AHHHHH!!!! FRIDAY THE 13TH!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Okay, now that I got that out of my system …

Quite a bit of movement this time ’round. I sold the 3 home security cameras, one of the other type of cameras and photography equipment. I also picked up another nicely diverse lot of things ranging from baseball, football, race cards, soccer and game of thrones. One of the Game of Thrones autos is a $70-80 card, the Bridgewater auto is #5 of 5 and the Ricketts is #1/5. The Trout is really slick also! Those are the stand outs. Selling in lots or as a whole as always, and will of course sell just the stand outs if you want, or as always … will trade!!!

NICE 1968 Topps Complete Set of baseball cards
NICE 1975 Topps complete set of baseball cards
Box full of 650 (mostly) baseball vintage cards from 1950’s to 70’s.
Card lot as shown in 6/13 post.

55 Serving Platters
Panthers Jersey
Paula Deen autographed menu
Mega Bloks Barn Set
Scrapbooking Machine
1 Cameras & lens
box of educational books
Geotrax Set

$378.75 total

Keepers (for now)
Fabric of the Game Canseco Jersey
Absolute Heroes Canseco Jersey / Cap
2 Security Cameras
6 plates (wife let me know that we will be keeping 6 of the plates!)