So, the comics are gone – a comic & toy shop in the dallas area picked them up. It took 3 hours for the whole ordeal. From printing and paying for shipping, taping up the boxes, loading them up and bringing them to the post office.

On the phone, the post office was very nice. They told me to drive around the back, ring the doorbell and someone would help me out. I did that, and the woman who “helped” me was … less than courteous. She opens the door and looks at me “Well? What do you need?” I told her I was told to ring the door bell, and I had to ship 19 large boxes. She said “well, what do you want me to do?” I said I didn’t know, I was just doing what I was told in order ot ship. “Well, that still doesn’t tell me what you want me to do, gosh!” And she walks off trying to find someone else. Was amusing!

Anyway, now the comics are all on their merry way to the comic shop. My garage is finding itself looking much more sparse these days!

So today, I ended up pulling the trigger on this beauty:

An Andre Johnson autographed football!  It is super sweet.  I’m happy with it, but am going to have my dealer friend most likely put it in his shop.  I’d like to see how well it does there.