If you have been following along, you have seen that I have been posting things about comics.  Last night, after being in my possession for a total of 8 days, the latest comic book collection left.  A guy who found an ad of mine online that was nearly 7 hours away, decided to make the trip out.  He ended up here with a truck at midnight.  At first, I was worried that they were going to fit, since we didn’t do any measurements or anything. 

Well, not only did they fit, they fit *easily* – and it was a fast load-up!  I wasn’t necessarily dreading it, because I had to take about 30 trips up and down stairs to get the thing, but I thought I’d at least break a sweat.  Nope! 

After that, I slept like a baby … NOT!  I can honestly say that I’m not sure if I slept a wink, and I don’t know why.  I guess I just can’t turn off my brain sometimes.  It has been great to see that I can actually *do* this with things other than cards.

SPEAKING OF CARDS … yeah, yeah … I know.  This is a baseball card blog, sorry!  Let’s get onto the meat of the potatoes here. 

I just picked up a massive Stephen Strasburg lot of rookies – it has over 90 rookies, and a triple threads jersey card of him.  I look forward to working my cardboard alchemy magic on that lot 🙂  When the shipment comes in, I’ll post some pictures of the stras goodness!  Lots of color, refractors, etc.  #excited!