Hello Tanner, I ran across this Jose Canseco card, and was wondering if you would be interested….

Hey, Tanner!  A friend of mine just pulled this Canseco!  You can email him at…

So, you are the crazy moustache guy that makes customs and loves Canseco, right?  If so, I saw this Canseco get opened in a break….


I get messages like these every day.  The only way it could possibly be any better is if more of you did it!  I want to SINCERELY thank everyone who has ever even tried to put me in contact with someone who may have a card I want for my collection.

SOOOO….I want to start up a contest as a thank you to all those who have helped me.

I’m putting this in the baseball forum, because this is really my “home” in this forum.  I am all about baseball, and 95% of my work is baseball related.

Beginning tonight, and ending 9/16/16 at 9:21pm CST.

Respond to this message with
– A character (you, family member, baseball player, actor, etc.) you would like a custom of, and why.
– Something about you that very few people know.
– Someone you would nominate to be picked, and why

I am not sure if I’m going to pick one person, or five people.  Heck, I’m not sure if I’m going to pick the person who is nominated, or the person who nominates!   A lot of people don’t comment on my site … rather, they do it on the forums, but you are more than welcome to comment here!

The winner(s) will receive a custom card made by yours truly.