You know you have a problem when you are chasing the entire set of 2007 Topps Barry Bonds Home Run History.  756 cards of stressful, anxious goodness.  The thought of doing something like that growing up would have given me great dreams and horrible nightmares!  Imagine trying to complete an entire set of 1989 Topps, but instead of 99% of the cards being commons, they are all of the best player in the world.

You know you REALLY have a problem when 756 cards simply is not enough.  I was approached by someone saying it bothered them that there weren’t cards to commemorate 757-762.  (I agree!)  This is where our adventure starts.

After my standard message of “I don’t do company logos and all my work has to say custom art card on the back”, I came up with this:

Looks pretty good, eh?

He wrote and said “Tanner, I have an idea!  How about having a logo?  Something to commemorate it is for Bonds?  Something like:  BBHRK.

And I was like … GREAT IDEA!

He loved it and then asked for the HR total in the back to be gold for card #762.  I didn’t want to just do gold though; I wanted it to POP.  Here is what I came up with:

“Tanner, I love it so much, please do the gold for each card!”


I won’t bore you with EACH picture, but here are a few.  This is what they all look like in general:

With the exception of…

JOHN CENA!!!!!!!!!!

I mean …


Here they all are together:

And the backs ….

It took me a while, but I figured I’d do the right thing and send them to him (though I would definitely not mind keeping these!)  🙂