Someone online posted a thread asking people to post their top 10 cards.  I tried going through my cards a few times to figure out my top 10, but ultimately got stressed out in the process. SOOO what I’m going to do is post my top 10 jersey/auto cards, because frankly, they are more like art to me than cards.

Counting down from 10 …

I’m a big fan of Prime Patches … I LOVE them. I love how there are different pieces and an autograph on it. Home Jersey, Away Jersey, Batting Glove and Hat. #/25

This 1/1 has 2 amazing patches in all of its mustardy-yellow goodness. What’s not to like?

Canseco and Rickey together with autos and patches. I LOVE me some 3 color patches so this delivers for me! The 1/1 has hat tags, but from an aesthetics perspective, this /5 pops so much more. (I missed out on the 1/1 and am trying not to be bitter, lol!)

This retired refractor #/25 eluded me before when it went sky high at auction. I was able to grab it from a fellow collector which also helped settle some beef we had. It is such a beautiful card.

So far, I don’t have the dual auto version of this /5 card, but if I had to have either the dual auto or this dual patch, I would take this dual patch in a heart beat. The design is fairly plain, but the patches make the card really shine. Plus, you can’t go wrong with a dual patch booklet of the Bash Brothers! (If you have the dual auto of this, hit me up – I want it!)

I missed this one on eBay and ended up having to swap one of my other Dynasty cards for it, but am incredibly happy I did. This makes my top 5 for sure. I LOVE the color, style, design and the tag!

As for the next 4, I don’t know what order I’d put them in so I’ll go random …

This is my favorite button/auto card I’ve ever seen 1/1

This is my favorite auto/patch card I’ve ever seen 1/1

This is my favorite (only) wood auto I’ve ever seen 1/1

This is my favorite bat barrel card I’ve ever seen 1/1

So, there you have it. My favorite gu/auto cards from my collection! Call me crazy, but many of these mean so much more to me than even a Babe Ruth gu/auto card ever could. To me, other high end pieces of other players just = money down the road. These are cards that mean so much more to me.

What are your top 10 cards?