We know that the card companies keep a keen eye on the forums and hobby trends.  I wondered to myself what if this card was made?

Each side features one superstar of today, one superstar of yesterday, one legend and one high roller.
Griffey Trout Harper Vizquel Galarraga Jeter Babe Ruth & Ty Cobb.  For those of you who don’t know, Vizquel and Galarraga may just be the two that carry this card to the promised land (if it were real, that is.)

I’d TOTALLY grab some popcorn and watch that at auction.

******IMPORTANT TO NOTE*******
It has come to my attention that several people simply just don’t understand why the card above is even here. I understand that the vast majority of collectors would not care for this card in the least.  This is simply a fantasy card that would do ridiculously well in auction, pitting the highest paying collectors against each other.  I wouldn’t wish this card on anyone, though it would be fun to watch at auction!  🙂

I also made a card showing a bunch of players that are collected hardcore but may not necessarily fit in the card above (aside from Griffey) … sure to make (fr)enemies out of at least 8 different people.

Anyway, on an open market, how much do you think the first card I showed goes for at auction if it were real?

On a COMPLETELY unrelated note, some people made some fun custom cards for my birthday yesterday for me.  I love them all!

Simon from Australia:

Brad from FCB:

And my absolute favorite from my son!  How can you not love a card of yourself riding a velociraptor with a massive bacon burger and a ghostly image of your best friend watching over you?