Huge Estate Sale Find

One morning while perusing the internet, I found out that there was an estate sale, and that they had binders of baseball cards.  It perked my ears up a tad, but only a tad, because 9 times out of 10, if someone is being vague about cards they are selling, it is because they are a bunch of junk 1988 donruss or 1988 score, etc (my apologies to the collectors of mass rookies of glavine, caminiti, alomar, etc.)  I asked the situation, and an older man was going to be moved out of state from his condo with his family out

1987 Donruss Albert Pujols Rated Rookie?!?

I am a web developer who apparently has too much time on his hands this fine friday afternooon.  I have been thinking about posting this rare 1 of 0 1987 Donruss Albert Pujols Rated Rookie baseball card.  Sure, King Albert was only 7 at the time of production of 1987 Donruss, but who am I to argue with the King that he can or cannot have a gotee - and play on an MLB team at such a young age?  Such a beauty! So of course, this is a photoshopped card, but I couldn't resist.  You can download the psd

Video break of 2010 Upper Deck (12 packs)

This is my first time busting a product in front of a camera.  I just posted several more on my Youtube page - check out the link on the right!

5,500+ Unopened Packs of Pure Goodness

I have a confession to make.  I obsessively write down purchases on any cards I acquire.  it is an addiction.  No doubt, whenever I buy a blaster box at the store, I always make the note next to it "stupid buy!" or "why did I get this again?"  It pains me to see $20 go down the drain for a $1 jersey card of a nobody and 50 accompanying base cards.  I found a guy one time who was selling a collection from a family member who had passed away.  He mentioned there were a lot of unopened packs of

How I got 6,000,000 Cards

I'm sure you all are wondering by now why my blog says something about 6,000,000 cards.  I have a dealer friend who has millions upon millions of sports cards.  I'm telling you - his collection/inventory must be what heaven is like.  Well, ok - maybe Heaven will be filled with Exquisite & Triple Threads, instead of 88 Topps and 92 Donruss :)  This is what 650,000 look like.  Just a hair over 10% of the entire stockpile.  Anyway, probably a few years ago, we had done a deal - I traded a lot of things - autographed bats, jerseys, plaques