Merry Christmas everyone!  I hope santa got you what you wanted.  Here in the tanmanbaseballfan household, we try our hardest to not make it about the gifts, but rather, about the birth of Jesus.  While our kids are excited about the presents, they seem (thankfully) to understand that that isn’t what it is about.  We are sitting here watching some tv, playing legos / dolls, and about to eat breakfast in a bit, probably watch some church on tv (we normally go, but I don’t see us making it this morning) and then open up the rest of the presents.  We don’t do “santa claus” here – the kids know full well that the gifts are from us.  There is no way in heck that I’m going to give some fictional character the glory for making toys that hard earned money bought! 

Anyway, onto the cards – I had a few folks come over this past week that bought several of the boxes of opened stuff for cheap.  It was fun because they were all pretty excited about their new cards.  A couple folks even came over again to get some more from me.

So, what are some of the key cards I have found?  I found a good amount of some stars, rookies, serial numbered cards, and others.  I even found some Yu Darvish cards!  He is the talk of baseball this week, so that was fun.  Cards so far have ranged from 1981 Donruss, to 2009 Bowman.

This year, as with all years, I feel incredibly blessed before even opening one gift.  This year, I have a garage full of cards that I plan to go through today … just like I have pretty much every day this past week.  What a lucky duck I am!

As a final word – I recommend trying to help others in need today, in some way, shape or form.  I am offering some free cards to kids without presents today, and hope that you do the same.

Merry Christmas!