2021 has been wild for our hobby. If you are like me, you’ve experienced some huuuge highs and lows. Since I consider myself a collector of two types of cards (pre-war vintage and Canseco cards) I thought I’d share my favorite pickups of 2021, and want to hear what yours are!

For vintage, the clear winner for me is this: 1887 Gypsy Queen Large Mike King Kelly. It is even more appropriate since today is his birthday (Happy 164th bday, ‘Kel!) – It isn’t just the fact that this is the highest graded example of one of the rarest cards of the absolute biggest name in 19th century baseball; it is the story I uncovered after researching in 1800 newspapers! If you have time, please read about it here: https://tanmanbaseballfan.com/2021/07/my-134-year-old-discovery.html – this is a dream card for me, with an even cooler story!

For Canseco cards, things get a little murky for me – I’ve been fortunate enough to add some incredible cards! Here are a few of them:

Canseco’s first ever patch card – and the best patch from the run I’ve ever seen!

The only serial numbered game used patch Canseco has during his playing career, AND the most colorful patch of his, ever. The fun part about this is the unlikely story of how both were landed to complete the coolest logo puzzle ever!

There are a few others that absolutely deserve to be on this page, but for the sake of not over-Cansecoing this page, I’ll stop there.

Bah … ok … one more …

Let’s be honest, it would be criminal if I didn’t post this one! 2020 Transcendent Sketch Card 1/1. Steve Y reached out and sent it over to me back in April. I’ve said it before and I will say it again – thank you Steve – I LOVE it! It has been on my shelf for me to look at every day since it got here! 🙂

While I’m at it, I suppose I can post up some of my favorite collection additions that I did of customs I created:

While this post doesn’t tell nearly a completely story of my 2021 in the hobby, it does hit on several highs. I’d love to hear your favorite pickups / stories of 2021!