I’ve been asked about this before, so here it is!

If you are interested in having a custom nameplate set of cards for your last name / your child’s name / etc. I’m now offering this as a service!

I’ve done one set before, and that was of Canseco (of course). Here is one close up:

And the entire set …

Last but not least, the entire write up:


So, here is how it will work! You pick out the jersey colors, tell me the name and send me a picture of who you want this to be for. I will then cut up the nameplate and put it into a similar design as shown above, which will be customized with the picture you provide and your name!

Pricing as follows:
– The nameplate itself is approximately $30
– Each card made will be $65
– Shipping $10

Price could be a bit of a concern if your name is Saltalamacchia 🙂

Anyway, if anyone is interested, hit me up! tanmanbaseballfan@gmail.com