The majority of the cards are now gone. I moved most all of the cards, as well as the baseballs. Here is the update!

2013 Topps Mini Black #/5 Chris Johnson
2014 A&G Ryan Howard Hand #’ed to 25 mini

box of educational books
Geotrax Set
step 2 locker
wii fit pad
game cube
sesame street cubby system
air jordans
circular chinese dragon wall art
4 ps2 games
oriental vase
taiwanese chest
1 drop-leaf desk
drafting table
projector screen
black ottoman

$3,243.75 total

Keepers (for now)
1 drop leaf desk
Fabric of the Game Canseco Jersey
Absolute Heroes Canseco Jersey / Cap
2 Security Cameras
6 plates (wife let me know that we will be keeping 6 of the plates!)
2 comic display pieces
wii & wii fit
MP640 printer
glass top wicker basket
2 2014 Canseco cards
Jose Canseco autographed baseball

Another mysterious package came in as well. I wonder what it could be? (Don’t worry – though the box is hurt, the contents are not!)