I’ve been kind of mia for the past week or two because I’m trying to iron out some details on a large project I’m working on. I took a break from that, and remembered how cool it was to grab a 1993 Finest Canseco refractor for fairly cheap because the seller spelled his name Conseco. It was one of the big card selling companies around too!

I was very happy with it, but have always wondered what it would look like if there was a pic of him on the gorgeous green refractor in an A’s uni, instead of the Rangers.

Then I was wondering what about gold?

I admit, my dream of the card with Jose in an A’s jersey didn’t get me going. It was my thought of what a 1993 Finest BLUE refractor would look like. Here it is:

How / why they didn’t do the gold and blue (and others … red? pink? purple? mustachioed?) is beyond me, but I’m glad they are doable. The 1993 Finest set, while the first refractor set made by Topps, is probably my favorite refractor set around – especially in different colors!

The design took probably 2-3 hours to rebuild, and the cards, at this point, probably an hour or so to construct – which is faster than normal. On paper, it ALWAYS looks like it is going to take a lot quicker, but the production always ends up taking 1-3 hours or more, depending upon the how everything is laid out.

In any event, while I do have some tweaks I would like to make, here they are together: