So, I did an “I Break, You Buy” for a feller named Ryan tonight on Blog TV.  A fun time was had by all.  While me, and the small crowd of people were waiting for Ryan to make his presence, the group was treated to a song, and dance by yours truly.  I promise I’m not on any meds.  By that same token, I can almost promise you that everyone there thinks I should be.  Ahh, teh interwebs…

Anyway, The break was of a 2012 Topps 24 pack series II.  $24 gets you a LIVE and recorded bust of it, plus your choice of 20 cards, so that way you don’t have to pay to ship those pesky commons. 

Here were the main highlights:

I’m sorry … but those two die-cut Pujols & Mantle cards … just plain sexay.  And the Darvish?  Well … I hadn’t seen that one before.  That is because it is a short print!  Yes, $30 bones is the book on that puppy.  Plenty of other cool cards too.  Check the vids, and hit me up if you want to be the next guy on tanmanbaseballfan tv