When it comes to Canseco cards, some of my biggest and best trades have come after I decided to call it quits on supercollecting.  In fact, (to my knowledge) I hold the record for selling the highest dollar amount for a single Canseco card.  More on that later, but that’s where today’s story starts.  

Back in March of 2021, I was “in a selling mood” – the dealer and collector in me often compete.  Well, the dealer in me won on this particular day, and I moved some incredible pieces.  One of which was this Dynasty beauty: 

This is a tremendously huge card for the Canseco collector.  Licensed patch cards of Canseco are super hard to come by!  Having a sleeve patch? Harder.  Having a 25th anniversary sleeve patch?  Way, way harder.  There are 3 others to my knowledge, 2 of which being 1/1s!  As a “fun” side note, I used to own 2 of the Canseco Dynasty 1/1s, and over 25% of the entire Canseco Dynasty run.  

So anyway, in this mega deal, I was to send this Dynasty down the road, but the night after the deal was made, I had a hard time grasping what I had done.  What on earth was I thinking?  It was my last Canseco Dynasty!!!  

The next morning, I woke up and wrote my buddy I was doing the trade with asking if I could swap it out with some other cards.  He was (obviously) super hesitant, but I looked around and decided to throw and entire autographed rainbow, a couple rare /10s, and this …

It isn’t a bat barrel, nor is it a 1/1, nor is it a super high end 90s card.  It is a bright orange on card auto that is numbered to /10 which happens to be my favorite designed auto only card in recent history.  

I hesitantly added this to get the deal done, and thought a couple things: 

  1. It’s a 2020 Inception #/10 – it will pop up again soon!
  2. No way will I ever get the rainbow.  That 1/1 will no never make it into my collection!

IIRC, later that day, the 1/1 surfaced.  A week later, I ended up being the winner!  

Now, all I have to do is wait for another /10 to pop!  

Well, guess what?  It has been over 2 years…2 years!!!  Not a single one has popped.  To make things even weirder, at least 4 of the 5 /5’s have surfaced!  

Ok, since I’ve shown 3 of them, here is the “easiest” one to get, which is #/20. 

See what I mean?  Gorgeous.  I can’t show it too well in pictures, but the finish of these cards are really something, as well.  

For the past couple years, I’ve searched and searched or the orange.  I have put up countless WANTED ads all over social media.  Crickets!  It’s kind of goofy, but I wanted the card to during Halloween to show.  Yeah, I’m weird.

Eventually, I went back to my buddy, and put together a trade package offer that would send some very nice cards his way, and bring me back my orange.  

Today, I just got it in!  I am now the lucky owner of the entire rainbow of perhaps my favorite designed auto card in recent memory.

I don’t ever go after rainbows, but made this exception.  As with any rainbow, it’s fun to say I’m the only one on the planet who has them all!   

Don’t they look great together?