First, today is the 33rd anniversary of collecting baseball cards – so if anyone has any rare Canseco cards to sell, today would be a GREAT day to land a killer Canseco 🙂  Now, onto the story …
2020 marks the only year Jose doesn’t have an autographed parallel superfractor in Stadium Club.  This is super ironic, because it is the only Stadium Club photo used for a superfractor of him actually signing things.  I am not into getting 1/1s signed myself, but I may make an exception for this one!  
It made me wonder what cards the crowd in the picture was having signed.  After doing some sleuthing, I found these pics, and was able to blow them up and find a few Canseco cards in hand.  These pics were taken in 1987, so it may be the first time Jose actually saw these cards!  
Anyway, I had a blast researching these – it is always fun learning some history behind cards!