Over the past couple of years, I found that I enjoy displaying pieces of my collection in my office nearly as much as the pieces themselves!  For the first time, I thought I’d show you my office in 360.  This was inspired by the 11/07/21 podcast episode I just did last night at www.tanmanbaseballfan.com/podcast 

If you love baseball cards, transformers, comics, and voltron, I think you’ll click with me … otherwise, you will probably think I’m weird 🙂  

This wall shows my game used / autographed bat of Canseco who hit home run #12 in 1997 with it.  On top of this bat is the custom player worn & signed letter set that I created, using a jersey from each team he played on.  Above this are 9 framed pieces, most of which are taken from when I was on the cover of Beckett Magazine with Jose back in Aug. 2015.  (I think it was Aug?)  

Here are the vast majority of my favorite Canseco cards.  It is filled with many of my absolute favorites that have ever been created of him!  These simply couldn’t be placed in a box.  I’m happy they are out to breathe, and I love looking at them everyday!  Above the shelf are some Gigapower Chrome Dinobots, and beneath are the #1 issues of X-Men, Fantastic Four, and The Avengers!

Perhaps my favorite view is this:  I love the vintage corner, and frequently look at them.  

Here is a more chaotic … errr … zoomed out view of this corner.  This will no doubt drive some people crazy, but for me, I LOVE it!  It’s my own personal museum of my weird tastes 🙂 


Here is a video of my office – pardon the dust & mess … it is definitely lived in!

Please do feel free to show your display setups as well – I LOVE seeing what others do – it inspires me, as well as others.