MASSIVE mail day / grail day today for two reasons. #1 I completed my Ultra Platinum run (again), and #2 I GOT THE 97 ULTRA PLATINUM SERIES 2!!!
For those of you who don’t know, this card is impossible, in spite of the print run being reported as 200. I’ve only seen 2 others in decent condition, ever. Sales history shows 24 other 1997 Ultra Platinum Canseco cards having been sold. 23 of those were the S1 Red Sox version.
PSA shows 83 S1 platinums of any player graded, whereas S2 platinums have a total of 8!
I’ve got theories:
1) Weak checklist. Canseco, Clemens, & some dude named David Arias are the main draws (psst…David Arias is David Ortiz.)
2) Perhaps the boxes didn’t sell well, causing retailers to trash the unopened material.
3) Unopened material may have been stored by collectors and dealers. You know what happens with unopened glossy material not stored in climate controlled situations…they brick!
This vibrant /200 platinum card may be closer to /10 or /20…you just never know.
This card is now coming up on being a quarter of a century old (feel old yet?) and I’m super happy to own this rarity once more.
Yeah, I’m posting this pic one more time 😛