I love the idea of pairing red & green cards together for Christmas, so I did just that with my two PCs: Canseco and Vintage. Here they are!

Pictured below is an EXTREMELY rare card … and the other one is the Red Crusade.  Obviously, the Red Crusade is a grail card, but the other is an Executive Prototype that is rumored to have only had 1-3 copies made of it. Plus, I lurve the green – it matches the Oakland green & gold!

Next up are my Christmas Cobbs! The vibrant red and green backgrounds make me melt. One came from a box of cigarettes and the other came from a box of cracker jacks from over 100 years ago 🙂  I heard that Cobb was considered the best player in baseball up until as late as the ’60s when public opinion swayed more toward the Babe.

My other passion (transformers) had to be represented here, so Grimlock is seen outfitted with a santa hat, and is holding a snowball.

Facebook also alerted me to having created this card a YEAR ago. Man, time flies! Here is my Elf custom made out of a Christmas gift bag, and some felt!

What pairing(s) in your collection best represent Christmas?