If you know, you know.  🙂 The 2000 Venezuelan Sticker.  On the outside, it looks like one of the countless Panini stickers they did decades ago. This, however, is different. It was created in Venezuela during a time when global commerce for things like this just wasn’t a common thing, and was created during a time when card companies were creating some truly beautiful cards, so unless you know what it is, even if it popped up, most wouldn’t look at it twice.
For old school supercollectors and player collectors, however, this has been on many people’s want lists since the beginning of the millennium, rarely if ever making an appearance again!
To me, this drips of FCB forum nostalgia. It reminds me of coming back to the hobby as an adult and pouring over the card forums, looking for rare cards and reading endlessly about them.  Apparently a batch of these popped up nearly a decade ago, and people swarmed them once they were listed on eBay.  Rarely to be seen ever again.
Some (or all?) cards feature a picture that has been used on a licensed baseball card.  The Canseco, for example, can be seen sporting the picture from his 2000 Topps baseball card.  Some players have multiples in the set, and some have team logos while others don’t.
Sales records show that a Canseco has popped up one time for nearly $50 back in 2012.  Who knows what it would bring now?  Unless/until the next one pops up, we may never know.
Image may contain: 1 person, playing a sport and baseball, text that says '2e JOSE CANSECO'