Creating customs of monumental personal life events is my favorite.  Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE creating Canseco customs for my personal collection and such, but there is something about creating anniversary gifts, baby births, etc.  I wanted to share a few here!  If you are interested in having one done for you, contact me at 🙂

Wedding Anniversary Gift

This was actually done as part of a trade to get some Canseco cards in my collection 🙂  My buddy sent over a few photographs and some relics from his wedding.  I created this!

There are six pieces shown, and the middle piece really sets it off.  In photoshop, I made the photographs sepia, but left the flowers colorized.

Father Son Softball Booklet

A Father-Son Softball 6x Prime Patch Cut Auto booklet custom! The son had me do this a while back for he and his dad. He sent in some signatures on paper and jerseys of theirs. It was a surprise for his dad – he loved it!

Baby Birth Booklet

I did this one a while back as well – it is a booklet featuring a hospital bracelet and the measuring tape used to measure their baby.

I’ve done a ton more, but wanted to show a few here!  If you would like a custom card jumbo or booklet done, please contact me at !