Not too long ago, I was perusing eBay and found something truly amazing.  An 1871 Harry Wright pocket watch inscribed to him.  I was head over heels in love with it, and decided to bid.  I lost.  Reeling from the loss, my spirits were picked up again by finding this beauty:

The casual baseball fan may not know who Jack Glasscock is, but he was a star in the 19th century.  In fact, his 1888 Goodwin baseball card is quite possibly my favorite card from the 19th century!  I was able to win this piece, and was excited to display it with my baseball card:

Man, they look good together, don’t they?

Someone reached out to me asking to sell, and I countered their offer, but with the caveat that someone had just mentioned that they didn’t like the font or “feel” of the picture of the item.  I shrugged it off, telling him I was satisfied with my findings of other pieces out there.  Admittedly, I didn’t look *hard* but c’mon … who would fake something like this, right?

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The interested party had a buddy look further into this, and found something quite interesting.  The font …

This is called Rage Italic.  I know this font myself because I’ve used it before!  Here is where things take a turn for the worse …

Yes, the font used was created over 100 years *after* the piece suggests!  So, as it turns out, after talking to others, there are multiple sellers out there that take old beat up pieces of metal like this, and engrave / print things on them to pass them as authentic pieces from famous people.  Needless to say, I was not happy with these findings, but am thankful for an iron-clad answer, and happy to use my folly as a teachable moment for everyone reading out there.  That in and of itself makes this whole thing worth it for me.

Oh, and as for the (much more expensive) Harry Wright pocket watch?  It doesn’t look like it was good, either.  I *really* dodged a bullet on that one.

Okay, now off to return this piece and lick my wounds!