If you don’t know this already, I’ve been a website developer for nearly 20 years.  I started off by going door to door handing out flyers on my lunch break when I was in a job I HATED.  Eventually, I made a go of it on my own, and haven’t looked back.

Somewhere along the way, I got excruciatingly bored with building websites.  Then, it clicked.  My passion wasn’t to build websites (though I was really good at it.)  My passion was to help others (in both business and ministry) – I could use my skills as a web developer to do that!  Things have been amazing ever since.  Here is my latest project – I do hope you enjoy – it is a fun story!

Listen to the interview I conducted of Chris on my Podcast by clicking here.


I met Chris online years ago.  His baseball card collection named the McCardlane Collection was featured in Beckett Magazine.  The collection he assembled was awe-inspiring!

Pairing a high end card with a McFarlane and displaying them … brilliant!

My Customs

Eventually, Chris reached out and commissioned me to make a few special pieces for his legendary collection as well:

Years later, Chris reached out and told me he sold everything … except for my pieces! 

Why?  Because of this …

Chris put all of his funds from his collection into inventing a “why didn’t I think of that?” product.

After he put up a website, Chris realized he wanted something next level, and found out that I do websites for a living.

Here is the first rendition of the website that needed help:

When he first approached me, I gave him a few suggestions to either take to another developer, implement himself, or hire me.

  • New design with appealing graphics & photos
  • Logo in the upper left & call to action in the upper right, with main message above the fold + another call to action. (Our eyes move in a “Z” formation.)
  • No bulky text – no one reads on websites anymore; they just skim.
  • Everything is “consumer centric” – geared to get his audience to reach out to him.

He hired me.  🙂

Here is a screen shot of the top of what I came up with.

This was made to look fun, and specifically target who Chris is trying to go for – not necessarily the guests of theatres, stadiums, etc. but rather, the owners.

The website turned out great, and is ready to turn his browsers into buyers!   You can visit it at www.HandsFreePopcornBucket.com .

Listen to the interview I conducted of Chris on my Podcast by clicking here.

If you know of anyone who could benefit from Chris’s product, please contact him at info@handsfreepopcornbucket.com