I guess I’m a Kyle Seager Supercollector now!  Just kidding – these are what I have left over from selling off a crazy collection from a former Kyle Seager Supercollector.  Regardless of who the player is, I always have a blast looking at what eye candy people put up when there are nice, bright pics of crazy patches and such.  Check them out!  Eventually, I’ll be selling/trading them all, but for now just wanted to show them off.  My favorite one is at the bottom and shows it being video matched – that was a blast!

Last but not least, my favorite:

I looked up the # on MLB and it came up with this:

I then did a search on 6/6/17 and found a video!  Here are some screen shots, first showing the patch I have, then showing him hitting a home run and finally celebrating.

I had a lot of fun tracking down the video!  If you want to do some sleuthing on your own cards, check out this little video I made: