QUICK!!!  Your house is on fire, and you can only save ten cards in your collection.  What are they?!

That is the question I posed to a friend of mine.  As a Jose Canseco super collector I do this with myself as well, and it almost ALWAYS seems like I spend too much time spinning my wheels trying to figure out what they are.  I have mad love for 80s/90s inserts and prototypes, but I always seem to gravitate toward the shiny high-end stuff.

Even still, I’m going to go ahead and limit this to my top 10 favorite game used / autographed cards in my collection.  COMPLETELY different from my previous top 10 from about a year ago , SIX have fallen out of my top ten and two have left my collection *sniffle*.

I tried hard to put them in order, but it was hard to figure out what would go where – I tried my best though!

Jose Canseco Super Collector UPDATED Top 10 Game Used / Autographed Cards in My Collection

2016 Panini Immaculate Bat Barrel 1/1
Up to this point, it is Canseco’s ONLY bat barrel with holo-foil.  Surely, that will change in the upcoming months/years, but for now, the barrel piece, foil and design all make this cards one of my favorites.  The previous owner was a big A’s fan and grew up in the Bay Area, so I was very fortunate for him to have allowed me to pick it up from him.

2015 National Treasures Button / Auto 1/1
Jose’s first 1/1 button card, and Panini did it right!  The picture selection was new, the button is from an away jersey and the signature is perfect.  When this hit the auction block, a lot of us collectors grabbed some popcorn since it was the very first 1/1 button card that had ever popped.  I was able to do a deal for it months back, and the deal, ironically enough, entailed ALL of his 1/1 button cards that have ever been produced!

2016 Tier One Bat Barrel Logo Plate 1/1
Last year, I fell in love with Tier One.  They did the design just right and added plenty of foil.  What’s not to like about this?

2015 Topps Dynasty Logo Patch 1/1
As a patch lover, this one really sticks out to me, and a scan simply didn’t do it justice.  At the time, it was the highest end product ever made, and at the moment is in a crop of the highest end Canseco cards ever made from a product perspective.  Dynasty created FIVE 1/1s for Jose in 2015 (like everyone else) and to my recollection, ALL were pulled and sold off within two weeks of the product’s release.  I have two of them, and while all of them are amazing, my favorite out of the bunch by far is the one shown below.

2017 Tier One Bat Barrel Worth plate / Autograph 1/1
If you were a fan of Jose growing up, then you know that he used Worth bats.  In his career, he used several, but Worth was THE ONE that everyone remembers.  They made a promo WORTH card, little league bats, etc.  They were around for a long time, but Jose made them famous in his 1988 season.  Having an on card autograph with the Worth logo plate of the game used bat barrel is great!  A BIG thank you to the folks who helped me land this.

2017 Gypsy Queen Button / Autograph 1/1
From a design perspective, Topps did an AMAZING job with this card, in my opinion.  It is among my favorite designs they have ever done, and my favorite button card of Jose to date.  In the midst of hemming and hawing over a massive deal that involved EIGHT 1/1s, a /3 and a /5 that would cost me my first Gypsy Queen button card / autograph, this card popped online.  I was able to secure it, and the rest is history.  The timing that this card showed up was impeccable and it gave me enough gumption to go through with the other deal.

2016 Topps Museum Bat Barrel 1/1
You can never have too many bat barrels, right?  🙂  I actually SAW this one being opened online, which was a one in a million shot.  Being high end, Topps probably *only* made about 2,000 cases or so … literally 🙂  It is my favorite bat barrel – without an autograph, that is, at least!

2017 Tier One Bat Knob Autograph 1/1
I was very fortunate to have had some people notify me of this card when someone had pulled it.  It is only the second knob/auto card Canseco has, and is absolutely amazing.  The card speaks for itself, so I don’t really have much else to say about it.

2017 Topps Museum Wood Framed / Wood Autograph
The last two on my list are a complete toss up.  I’m not sure which I like best!  Wood frame, gold holo-foil, gold signature, dark wood card.  This, along with all the others on this page are hardly actual baseball cards, but rather pieces of art.  I actually dealt away my first wood 1/1 with the thought/hope that Topps would come out with another one in the near future.  After several months of sweating it out, it was made AND pulled.  Design comps of the wood cards from months prior showed these as only having wood frames, with the rest of the card being a different type of card stock.  I was VERY happy to see the entire card was wood when they actually did come out.

2016 Tier One Bat Knob / Autograph 1/1
Remember the knob/auto I showed a few cards up saying it was only 1 of 2 knob/auto Canseco cards currently?  Well, this is the other one and it may just be my favorite card.  The signature is beautiful, the design is incredible and the knob has all kinds of fun markings going on.  I was notified of a fellow collector when he found out this card was picked up by someone else.  I reached out to the owner, and we stuck up a deal.  UNTIL he said that he had actually struck up a deal with someone else.  I told him I would never cut in on anyone (which was heart breaking – I LOVED the card), however I would be fine with making an offer to the guy he struck a deal with.  After a few hours, I was able to convince the buyer to take some money just to pass on the card so the owner could just send to me.   It was a bit of a challenge, but everyone was happy in the end – especially me 🙂

2016 Tier One Game Used Bat Knob Autograph 1/1

That does it for this installment – thanks for reading!  In the future, I may do one for my top 10 prototypes/inserts/etc.

If you have ANY rare Canseco cards in your collection, or know of anyone who has some, please let me know – I’m always looking to add to my collection!  You can always reach me at tanmanbaseballfan@gmail.com – thanks!