So, I ended up going forward with a new project that I have been dreaming about for a LONG time. Making these paper proofs REAL cards. Here is the first one I did, since I don’t know when I’ll be able to get to the others:

Here is the paper proof prototype I worked from:

I had to redo a bunch of the graphics, but came up with this:

Shows the thickness and the glossiness. Note the mention of “sleeve patch” instead of “Game-Worn Jersey”. I changed it because Canseco wore the jersey this patch was on, but not when he was in a game. 🙂 He actually never played for the Angels in an MLB game.

This shows the gloss much better…

The back of the paper proof talks more about it being game-worn, etc. so I changed the text on that as well.

All in all, I like how it turned out!