Just when you thought you couldn’t get enough buyback cards…

Introducing:  The buyback-buyback!

If you are like most collectors, 10 different buybacks of the same junk wax card in the span of 7 months simply isn’t enough!  Here is the rundown:

Take a beautiful base card: buyback1

Have it signed, then stamp, serial number and encase it …


Then take that signed/stamped/numbered/cased card and have it signed/stamped/numbered ON the case … and put it in another case!  These ON CASE signed/stamped/numbered cards are guaranteed to be a hit with collectors and investors alike.  (Note: the sticker is in an entirely different location, and the stamping is GOOLLLLDDD instead of silver.)


Double the signatures
Double the stamping
Double the casing
Double the fun!

Still haven’t had enough?  Coming in 2017:  The all-new buyback-buyback-buybacks!



Note to Topps:  I do love your products, and I love the buyback stuff, but why flood the market with the same card, stamped differently so many times?  It really bums out the people getting low numbered cards when several high numbered versions of the EXACT SAME card are put out mere months later!

Yours truly,
A devoted Topps Customer