Today, I mourn the loss of 3 great PC cards. No, I didn’t spill milk on them, nor did I accidentally drop them in the toilet, admiring them while peeing.

After a week of going back and forth with a fellow Canseco super collector (Razor), I gave up 3 cards and cash in return for 6 cards. I will likely show them when they come in, but a fun little picture back & forth ensued that I thought I would share in the mean time.

In true James Bond fashion, he sent me pics to update how my package was sent out at around midnight last night.

Here is the package on the super cool motorcycle

Nice light up gauges

So blurry, he must be going, like, 200 mph!

Arrived at destination under the cover of night

One last look before “the pig is in the barn”

Mission accomplished

I figured I’d show off how his package made it on its way as well, just so I could match him.

After chowing down on the finest of vintage plateware from the “tickle me elmo” line, I packed and weighed the package.

Well, I had a lot to drink this morning…

Motorcyle? Nah. Minivan is how we do it here!

Rollin’ slow style in the sub-div.

Must….resist….temptation….(I didn’t get any at all!)

Picture of 50 year old woman’s hand scanning the package (whom Razor thought was my hand.)

Looking forward to the incoming package, but sad I had to let go of some beauties! It was all for the “greater good” though, I guess 🙂