So, it looks like we have a winner! Before I reveal the winner, I wanted to go through some facts.

This contest was run on Blowout, Beckett, Freedom Cardboard, Sports Card
Forum, Net54Baseball, my blog and facebook. Out of hundreds of
replies, I found that the responses varied quite a bit. Someone guessed
$0, and someone guessed $3,000. Here is a statistical breakdown:

6% said under $100
22% said between $101-250
37% said between $251-400
22% said between $400-600
6% said $601 and over
3% said this whole thing was narcisisstic/creepy
2% said they thought someone would plant my moustache hair at a crime scene
2% threatened to clone me

Of course, we do have to remember that 98% of all statistics are made up on the spot.

It has been a great week watching the guesses come in from all over the place!

So, with all that said – the winner …. drum roll pleaseeeee…..

SCF Member @Oriolesfan !

I will be pm’ing you with a request as to where I can send your rip card. Best of luck on your quest

I also wanted to publicly acknowledge Swipe79 and SSsportsCARDS for donating money for the mission trip. Thank you both!

Truly, everyone – thank you. This has been fun, but the fun does not stop here.
is something I made for everyone to give a shot at just for fun! Once
the winner of the rip card gets his shot at it, I’ll let everyone else

Have a good evening, everyone, thanks for playing and keep your eyes peeled when the Mouschi Code is open to you!