My Crusade is Finished!

If you recall, I made up a version of a Crusade card, but with Canseco as a Blue Jay. It took me a few tries ... and I even played with a dual game used version ... but decided that was too crowded. I wanted to play with the colors ... and even recreate the logo ... In the end, I came up with this ... But I wanted to make sure that not only was my name on the front, but also have my face on the back ... The final looked much more polished, and when Jose got

A few more customs

When I bought out a former super collector a few months ago, I made a post on it.  At the end of the listing, I showed a mysterious box on my doorstep - this was some of the items I had Jose wear. In addition to this, I showed a few customs I had made.  A 1952 Topps style refractor and a 2014 Heritage style relic card. I didn't reveal it at the time, but the piece of bat in the card is from the Jose gamer that I cut up :) Anyway, here is a short video of me

EXCITING Ebay Purchase! Then Seller Refunds and Sells to Someone Else. Block this dude.

Yesterday as I was going through ebay, I found a card I really wanted.  A 2013 Panini dual patch card of Jose Canseco.  #2 of 10.  I saw it and just had to have it! Nice dual patch, #'ed to 10.  What isn't to like?  I know many of you aren't into this kind of card, but for me ... this is what I'm about! After talking to him, he said he would take $25 for it, to which I said .... After promptly paying, and going about my business for the day, I couldn't help but notice myself daydreaming

Everything’s Better at Mouschi’s!

One of my favorite things to do is to fabricate stories and write about them.  Here are a few to refresh your memory (which I'm sure are on the forums if you search for them) The infamous 1990 Donruss Rated Rookie Frank Thomas My invisifractor - the invisible card that actually ended up selling for over $100 on ebay (but the buyer never paid.)  Video here  (the term "invisifractor" is still widely used in the hobby today, which I'm quite proud of!) The hot new release "FOUR ONE" that featured gross pieces of teeth, nails etc. of baseball players Perhaps

A PC Item … One Year in the Making

Hanging out with Jose brought a happy ending and closure to many story lines in my collection. Among them was something that I had been searching for a very, very long time. The greatest moment for me in baseball was the 1989 World Series, when the A's crushed the Giants, sweeping them in devastating fashion. This of course, was the year the earth quake hit as well. I was living in California at the time, and remember being glued to the television for game three at Candlestick park. The introductions were playing, and they showed Willie Mays waving to the