Yesterday as I was going through ebay, I found a card I really wanted.  A 2013 Panini dual patch card of Jose Canseco.  #2 of 10.  I saw it and just had to have it!

Nice dual patch, #’ed to 10.  What isn’t to like?  I know many of you aren’t into this kind of card, but for me … this is what I’m about!

After talking to him, he said he would take $25 for it, to which I said ….

After promptly paying, and going about my business for the day, I couldn’t help but notice myself daydreaming about my new treasure.

How would the new card look with all my others?  Where would I display it on my desk?  How would the patch pieces feel as I gently brush my mustache up against them?

I PROMISE I’m joking (mostly) people!  I’m not some sort of cardophile here, geesh!

Anyway, later on that evening, as I was searching ebay again, I found MY card

Lol – surely it was a mistake.


I got this email from Ebay:

We’re sorry to let you know that jsolden canceled your order and mentioned the reason as I’m out of stock or can’t fulfill the order for another reason.

The seller refunded $27.04 back to your original payment method, and you don’t need to do anything else.
I promptly wrote him telling me that is completely unfair, and he needs to take the listing down because it is my card.  
Well ….

I wrote him again.

“I apologize.  The buyer told me how much it was worth, offered me $50 and I took it.”

I asked him if his name / integrity was worth the $20 or so extra he got, and told him he should do the right thing to refund the other buyer, and ultimately just called him out for his scum-baggery.

In the end, he did nothing.  He chose to take the money, and I lost on the card I had wanted.

As it turns out, a fellow Canseco collector friend of mine picked it up.  He told me that apparently the buyer had told him that he had 3 other offers, and he assured me he wasn’t the one who contacted him to re-list.

I sure would love to know who contacted him to list it, because that was just so incredibly unethical. Plus, I won’t be able to get the card that should be rightfully mine.

Anyway, that’s that.  Thanks for sharing in my misery.  In the end, it isn’t a big deal – but for me, when life gives you lemons … write about it!