Based upon feedback from some people on the forums from my past post, I do wonder what you, my highly valued reader, think of my passion for collecting Canseco cards. Perhaps you were wondering some of the following about me:

Is his favorite number 33?

Does mouschi roll out of bed in the morning in his Jose PJ’s on, then throw on #33’s jersey and head to his office – an office that is plastered with life sized posters?

Does he take virtually any song I sing in his head and replace the lyrics with “Jose Canseco”?

Is it possible that he accidentally calls his wife and son Jose, while quickly trying to correct himself by pretending he was about to say something ABOUT Jose?

Has he put a fridge magnet of the former A’s slugger up next to the other magnets of places his family has been to?

Contrary to popular belief, none of these things are true.

Well, most at least ….

But I PROMISE it was my wife’s idea to put it there!

As someone who LOVES baseball, collecting, writing and creating customs, Canseco is the right dude that intersects all of these things for me. He’s my favorite player, but as far as people go with J.C. initials, he is a distant 3rd place in my eyes behind Jesus and my son’s youth leader. (Shout out to Chang!)

You probably noticed the legos on the fridge. While it is obvious what my favorite stop was in our vacation, my wife and son LOVED Legoland. My son is determined to be an AFOL (Adult Fan of Lego) when he gets older, and my wife …. well, she already is. I think she got a greater kick out of the place than he did!

It is a pretty amazing place. (My wife and son walking in.)

My son’s favorite was the massive Star Wars setup. “Dad! You have to take a picture of EVERYTHING!!!” So, I pretty much did. I wouldn’t be surprised if there are 50 pictures of Star Wars Legos on my phone. He plans to use them on his blog at some point.

Of course, you also can’t go wrong with a MASSIVE lego dinosaur with an xbox controller!

So as nutty as it sounds, as a baseball fan and a lover of all things cardboard, I thought … what would it look like if a card company made a lego baseball card?

I know, I know. It sounds crazy. Why make a card of a toy? I guess you’d have to be related to me to understand how much legos are loved here.

I decided to start with an Allen & Ginter style mini. I love these cards – they are among my favorites to do customs with.

You can guess who my subject is …. #notobsessed

Here is my Lego / Allen & Ginter Cross-Over.

Strange? Weird? Perhaps … but to me, I *LOVE* it.

Here it is out of the frame:

But that is where this cross-over gets a different dimension.


(PLOP!) There it is ….

Completely free from the mini A&G style card, ready to play.

Ever seen a BLANK A&G style card? Well, there it is.

It is almost like looking in a mirror!

In case you were wondering if this was Ozzie instead, it truly is Jose. You can check his right hand with his birth mark.

So, there it is – a true A&G / LEGO Custom Cross-Over. It crossed over from 2 to 3 dimensions. The mini figure took forever to figure out, as it took some acetone, sand paper, specialized water-slide paper, etc and more, but I think it turned out pretty good!

As always, thanks for reading! Now if you don’t mind, it is about time for my 3 o’clock Jose Canseco.