Uninspired. Generic. No Soul.

That is what I thought of the latest Canseco offering from Topps Tier One. A small picture of Canseco on the right, with a BIG open space for an autograph on the left. I picked up one that was cheap, but it had an autograph at the bottom so I picked up a copy that had his autograph smack dab in the middle.

My thoughts of the new Topps Series 2 Canseco cards continued along in the same vein as Teir One.

1) The first one is an SP and a sticker auto (which, by the way, I don’t have an issue with sticker autos, if done correctly … much like I have no problems w/out team logos if done correctly.)

Here is the picture of it. It is not ugly at all, but not eye popping.

Later that day, I saw the other Topps Series 2 Canseco autograph. This is # to 25.

My gut reaction was that I liked the first one better than the 2nd!

They look like the parents of the 1992 Score Impact Players card.

After a while though, they grew on me. I don’t know why or how. Perhaps because they are genuine Topps cards that I have never seen before. I am not sure. A friend of mine said that these are a “necessary evil” – and for super collectors, I think that is a great way of putting it.

I don’t think these are ugly designs at all. Upon initial inspection, I just felt like they were generic looking. Thankfully for me though, I have truly fallen in love with them. As a side note, I now think that a modified 1992 Score Impact Players card with an autograph may be a pretty dang good idea!

Both of the latest Topps Canseco cards are incoming, and I cannot wait to have them in hand. The Heart of the Order card has a base card which I have incoming as well.

As always, if you have any rare Canseco – let me know!