After spending countless hours on this latest custom, I figured it warranted writing an article about it, and sharing some pictures about how my newest
creation was born.

But first, I’d like to show off a few custom booklet cards I did for my pc a while ago – I actually redid them and bought one touch magnetic holders for

Here is my “Tanner’s Thread’s” booklet v. 2.0:

And the 2.0 version of the Rookie recollection book (the one I did with actual pieces of Canseco’s rookie cards, along with game used pieces of his jersey and bat)

They fit awesome and I love how I can now display them. I actually didn’t even bend them into a book, because I’m just displaying them. They look very
clean this way … this is the first time I have not bent custom books!

Now, onto today’s custom …

I was working on a card for a forum member who wanted some memorabilia embedded in his card, but I cannot talk about it yet … very top secret, hush hush stuff! 🙂 While I was doing it though, I had a new idea for a custom.

This probably ended up being my most difficult custom to pull off to date (plus it took me a LONG time!)

Do you remember these sets?

Cute cards! (I say that in the manliest way possible, btw.) If you are like me, these tiny cards were never appreciated – just like the various 7-11 discs, sunflower see cardboard discs, etc. They just didn’t fit the collection … metaphorically and literally speaking. Think: 1989 bowman. I mean really … what do you do with these???

I had a few 1992 topps micro Jose Canseco, and my goal was to create something meaningful with them … and I think I did!

Photoshopping the design took a loooong time. My wife helped out a bit. During the day, I was working on it, and things were going well. I went back
upstairs to the office to work a bit more on it this evening, and sadly, my design work took a nosedive. Each rendition got to be worse than the last.
That’s ok though … that happens. Shake it off, right?

After designing something on screen, I was finally happy with something I came up with (again, thanks to some of my wife’s input as well!) However, then
comes the countless print tests. Ooooh, if these were all there were …

At long last, I got it wrapped up, and worked on the framing of the card (what will house the minis)

Lots and lots of cutting, gluing, etc. A long, long time later, I had this ….

That was to hold the micro cards in place. I had to glue the inner frame to the plastic, which was glued to the main card frame. They almost look like a pair of viewfinders don’t they?

The micro cards seem to fit nicely!

There you have it!

Forgive all the pictures … I’m one proud papa right now.

One of the more unique things about this card is that the back is see through also, so you can see the back of the cards as well.

Finally at home in its one touch:

Last but not least, the back in the one touch.

Thanks for reading!