So, I have been MEGA busy – primarily with creating some customs for my personal collection to get ready for a signing coming up. I have not had much time at all to devote to doing anything with the flip quest! Another thing that has been a massive problem, is I’ve been having major issues with gmail. Everytime someone inquires about something … I don’t know if they get my response or not! Because of this, there hasn’t been much movement, but here goes:

I sold some books, games, bins and Paula Deen autographed menu for $50.

I bought a projector screen, drafting table and vintage game table for $25.

We are keeping 1 of the drop leaf tables.

I also will deduct $7 for shipping for some trades. I did a custom and moved the Ripkens out of a few deals. I got a few Canseco out of it for my PC (incoming) and the following are incoming as well…

Happy to have more cardboard goodness in the flip quest now 🙂

I am just waiting to find a collection to where I can sink my teeth into! It has been forever.

You can check the Flip Quest link in the navigation for the update.