Craig’s lister calls me a scammer and crook … yay!

After a fine dinner with my family, my wife and I did the dishes, and I decided to hit up Craig's list to see if there are any killer deals.  To my astonishment, I found the following post: BEWARE OF GUY SELLING RARE CARDS IN TOMBALL BY SILVERADO Uhmmmm wait ... I'm a guy in Tomball by Silverado!   There is someone that does live close to me that is a scam artist.  Surely, this posting was about him! WRONG.  <Enter torrid thunder and lightning sequence here.> It was about yours truly.  Rather than tell you what he said, let

First family baseball outing = lots of goodies

It has been a *very* busy week, so I am just now posting this.  As an early birthday present, my family and I went to the game last weekend since my team, the Oakland A's were in town. I was really going back and forth about whether or not I wanted to go or not.  I mean, when you watch a game on television, you have the play by play, a better view, it is free, and if you have to pee, you don't have to use a urinal next to uncle creepy. The day of, I decided to finally