After a fine dinner with my family, my wife and I did the dishes, and I decided to hit up Craig’s list to see if there are any killer deals.  To my astonishment, I found the following post:


Uhmmmm wait … I’m a guy in Tomball by Silverado!  
There is someone that does live close to me that is a scam artist.  Surely, this posting was about him!
WRONG.  <Enter torrid thunder and lightning sequence here.>

It was about yours truly.  Rather than tell you what he said, let me just show you a screen shot:

Note the lack of evidence and inability to contact this person.  This drives me nuts!  Why would someone ever do this?  
I made a post refuting this letting everyone know that all my boxes and cases are factory sealed, and that I only create custom cards for people who come to me asking for them as works of art … and only of cards that don’t exist.  
I guess in the end, there really is nothing that can be done.  Anyone can say anything about anybody at anytime.  It just sucks that someone decided to do this – it is bugging me to not know who it was, and if it was just to spread a bad name or if it was that they were merely jumping to conclusions.  Oh well, either way … not the coolest thing I’ve seen on the internet.

If anyone cares to flag this scumbag’s post – have at it!  I’d be grateful 🙂