Yesterday was busy.  Very busy.  On top of it all, we got ready for my son’s friend to come over for a sleepover.  I call him Ci-Ci’s because, my wife is a health nut and is okay with going to Ci-Ci’s pizza whenever his friend comes over.  My, how I love me some Ci-Ci’s Pizza!

If you do not go any further in this posting, allow me to impart some life altering knowledge to you:  The next time you are at your nearest cardboard pizza buffet, ask them to make you cheesy bread.  NOT the stuff they already have on the buffet line.  “CHEESY BREAD”.  
I have never tried crack before, but I’d imagine it probably gives you a similar feeling.  Yeah, it is that good.  The pizza they have there … meh.  The cheesy bread = WINNING.  Here, they don’t make it unless you ask them.  So go…run like the wind, and get some!  (after you read and reply to my posting, that is.)  I think they used it in The Lion the Witch and the Wardrobe.  I believe they called it Turkish Delight.  
ANYWAY … back to my EPIC MAIL DAY!!!
My son and I walked out to the mailbox, and saw this ….
My hands are trembling at this point.  Could it be????
PAUSE…WAIT.  STOP riiiight there.  let me explain something first.  
Remember this?  My 25 cent garage sale special hat that was (little league) game used?

 Remember that I used that hat to make this?

And this ?
Well, I’ve been itching to find a way to get my hands on real game used stuff.  You know … Canseco GOLD.  
Well, here it is.
Canseco game used and autographed swag … cut up!
Even some bat “donor” cards … oh, and don’t forget a piece of game used Canseco hat band … sweat stain and all (yeahhhh!!!)
So, how do I explain to my son that it is never okay to scream like a little girl when you have just done so?  
So anyway, that made my day.  All this was sent my way, by the one and only RAZOR Z.  He is the dude that has the Jose Canseco “Perfection Collection” at and has been featured in Beckett.  You all really should check out his stuff … it is amazing.  No, amazing isn’t even the word.  He could literally fill a museum of Canseco stuff.  
With all this newly acquired Canseco swag, I’m going to have a blast making some authentic game used relic/patch cards for my own personal collection.