Easter is around the corner, and I thought it would be appropriate to toss some easter eggs into my most recent PC item:  A 2013 Topps Jose Canseco (duh!) – autograph prototype  1/1 SSP.  🙂

This one was a doozie, as I was practicing all kinds of different methods, papers, techniques, etc.  I have finally risen from the card stock, cutters and recovered from the adhesive vapors to tell the story.

One of my first customs was a 2013 Jose Canseco A’s card.  Just a plain, base white card.  I enjoyed it, but wanted to do refractors and a super.  Which I did.  I’m sure you’ve seen them on my Jose Canseco post on my blog before from a few weeks back.

Well, I was testing a few things – my prototype autographing capabilities and my 1/1 capabilities.

It did not come easy.

ALLL SCRAP.  I’m fairly sure my tears and hair are hidden underneath.

This, however, made up for it ….

Yes, my friends – this was parked in front of my house a few days ago.  Some dude came over to buy some old xboxes.  He went the whole 9 yards – he even had flairs in the back, and a digital screen up front talking about Jurassic Park!

I rarely think it is ok to use this word, but I’m going to … AMAZEBALLS.

Okay, so back to the story…

I kept printing and cutting and testing, etc.  I finally came up with one.  YESSSS!!!!  2 AM last night!!!!

I know, it isn’t like those special supers, booklets or color refractors I have been doing, but the autograph looks spot on.  And then … turn it over!!
1/1 …. YESSSSSSSS … wait … what’s this?  

Whatever.  Words can’t describe.  Anyway …  at 2:30am, it just …. oh well.

So, I ended up trying a few other things when I woke up.  One of which that I went to bed thinking about (and doing a few tests).  I have done Canseco with the A’s over and over again.  Why not another team?

Well, aside from the fact that I can never find any good high quality pictures, the A’s are my favorite team, so I just stick with the A’s.

Until now.

Ladies and gentlemen … Canseco on the Expos!

I’ve shown it before, but it is now an appropriate time in our story where I show this again ….

Bah, what the heck …

After a run to the paperstock store, I came back and hammered this out:

Can you find the Easter Eggs?

I’ll give you a hint.

My son is a huge … and I mean HUGE Star Wars fan.

See anything now?  Look again ….

Here, let me help you.  Upper left: here is Anakin chillin’ like a dark side villain, watching Canseco batting.  I blurred him out, 2010 Topps SSP Abe Lincoln style.

See anything else?

You don’t?

What about master Obi Wan?

He is looking at you from the dug out.

Finally, one more.  Did you catch the storm trooper?

You probably didn’t see him because he didn’t make the cut.  In my son’s words “there is no such thing as too much Star Wars”, but I beg to differ, so the Braves fan stayed in place.  
Here is the back of the card:  
If you can’t read it, it says in big bold letters:  “Congratulations!  You haev received a card that has been personally autographed by Jose Canseco”  … and then in smaller, lighter print …
“‘s #1 fan!  Well, his printer anyway.  This is truly 1 in a million.  The other 999,999 went in the trash after Tanner pulled his hair out trying to get this to work.” 

I admit … the autograph looks eerily authentic… which is why again, I put “Certified Autograph Prototype” on the front.
As I said before, this isn’t the most high quality of creations I’ve done – heck … for all intents and purposes, it is a mock of a 2013 Topps base autograph card with a low-res picture to boot.  I think it was all worth it though.  I now have a cool new PC card with some fun goodies and stories to go along with it.  No one else on the intarwebs may understand my sense of humor, but hey, it gives me something to do and yak about.