So, I think I’ve continued to drive my family nuts by obsessing over how to do some patch cards.  How to cut straight, how to glue, how to do this, how to do that, etc.

And then the questions – why isn’t my printer printing straight?  Didn’t you hear me, printer?! I SAID LANDSCAPE MODE!!!  How can anyone possibly cut these jersey windows properly?

I’m serious, people.  This is draining so much of my time, it is getting in the way of my television watching.  I haven’t been able to watch mah stories all week!

Well, at a little past midnight tonight, I was able to give birth to my first dual game used patch card of the Bash Brothers – Canseco and McGwire.

I know what some of you are thinking.  “Did he really get some game used Canseco and McGwire jerseys only to tear them up on these custom cards?  If not, how can he do this with fake jersey pieces?”

I will answer with this:  YES, they are game used pieces!  Probably just as authentic as anything Topps, Upper Deck or Panini have put out in the past decade or so…


You see, sure, they are game used pieces, but probably from a little league game…I think.  I got the hat for a quarter at a garage sale a while ago, and some kid named Justin was selling it.  I assume his name is Justin, anyway – that is what was sewn in the back of the hat!

Thanks, “Justin”…if that really is your name.

 I have researched high and low, spent money at hobby lobby, irritated the workers and it looks like there are no shortcuts to doing this.  There is just patience, trial and error, and more patience … and LOTS of wasted paper, ink and various close brushes with death by way of exacto knife.

Did I mention there was a LOT of trial and error?  Oh, so much money wasted….

Here is a picture of my dog for some reason?  Yes, those are my pants, and yes, I do this whole process with no pants on.

Don’t believe what your friends are telling you.  It is NOT FUN trying to get these game used windows just right.  I used to laugh when I saw others attempt and it looked like a third grader could do better.  Well, when I first tried, I sheepishly realized that if I could get to a third grade level, I’d be doing good.

But, I got better!  So, with that said – here are some pics of the end result.  I’m happy with this – as a first try, anyway.  It is a beautiful card of a dual patch we will never see, and if we do, will probably go for hundreds of more dollars than I would be willing to spend!

I think this truly epitomizes the entire experience:  A Tier One custom … with kid’s Elmer’s Glue in the back.  No, I don’t recommend this, but it is the only glue I had on hand.

Here is a close up of my new custom.  It is done – yeah!  I think it came out pretty dang good.  It is absolute pure joy having the only copy of a card that was created specifically for your collection, which was never produced!  Oh, and the fact that it didn’t cost $400-$500 sure does help, too.  I can live with the fact that Jose and Big Mac never touched these pieces of cloth.  How sure are we that the players ever do, anyway, when they come from the packs?

In case anyone wanted to take a peak … yes, there is a back!  The edges/sides are not perfect.  Heck, the card isn’t perfect.  It is done by hand.  While naked, it looks good – but in a holder, it looks pretty perfect, and for this card, that is all I care about, because it will always live in a holder of some sort.

I hope you enjoyed following along my journey on this card.  There likely will be more to come.