This week, I have had the house to myself, aside from my dogs.  The wife and kid were in Mexico on a mission trip to help build a house.  They are coming home tonight – while it was fun for a while to live the life of a bachelor (ahhh, McDonalds, how I have missed you!) I am more than ready to have my family back.

You know it’s bad when you start talking to your dogs so much, they just get up and leave the room.

While I was envisioning this plethora of time watching tv, while swimming in empty pizza boxes, work got in the way, so I spent a good amount of time on projects.  Projects for my company, and for fellow collectors who have been loving these customs I’ve been doing.

So, even though I had the bed to myself, I have not been well rested.  I’ve been up from 1-3 each night.  I cannot blame it all on “work”, though.  I can blame it on my first custom rainbow!  I decided to try it out on my 2009 Topps Jose Canseco custom I did.

I had someone do a yellow and blue for me, but I just got materials in and have been practicing doing it on my own.  The main thing I wanted to try was to make the player on the card POP out of the refractor, so I ended up doing that.

The color variations are as follows:  Red, orange, black, blue, green, yellow/gold, camo, super and red/orange/yellow gradient (similar to the red hot rookies).

Even if this card was created by Topps, the majority of these variations wouldn’t have existed, but I just had to try them.  And why not?  They are my cards, right?  🙂

These are my 3 favorites out of the bunch. I think my #1 is the camo refractor.

I wanted to do a more elaborate posting than this, but I wanted to share these with you ASAP and since my family is about to come home, I better not spend another moment on typing, and start hiding the Whataburger evidence … I mean … cleaning!