Okay everyone – I’ve been laboring over this for quite some time now.  The learning curve / research / testing / time / materials has been huge, but here it is:

Jose Canseco and Mark McGwire Custom Dual Patch Booklet!

I started out designing in Photoshop, of course.  I was working on another for someone, and ended up using similar artwork, but changed it to meet the needs of my personal collection.  I found a GREAT picture, of the Bash Brothers doing the bash.  I’m very happy with how the graphics turned out.

Then, after I got everything lined up, I printed this bad boy out ….Oh crap!  I forgot to photoshop out my ’90 Donruss Frank Thomas Rated Rookie.  Now everyone is going to know it’s a fraud!!!!

Chop, chop!

I admit, it got hard here.  I wanted to stop and just have these 2 as standalone cards.  But, I kept going …


All done!  The outside of the booklet

And the money shot ….

I’m happy with how it came out for my first try.  I just might do one without patches, and see if I can get them to sign them. The word on the street is that McGwire will NOT sign anything with Canseco on it, so I’ll have to have him get it signed as a standalone card, then bind it up later.