I run into people all the time who are coming back to the hobby, be it for themselves or for their children.  I thought it would be fun to put together a list, so feel free to add to it!

You know you are a collector from the 80’s & 90’s when…

  1. You carefully inspect each corner of a 25 cent card before buying … with a magnifying glass.
  2. Your retirement plan consists of a closet hoard of 1988 Donruss complete sets, and a nice stash of guys like Mo Vaughn & Albert Belle
  3. You still refer to Todd Van Poppel & Shawn Green as hot prospects.
  4. The card you always wished you had was a 1986 Donruss Jose Canseco rated rookie
  5. You think your ’85 Topps McGwire is worth $200.
  6. You have an impressive run of Becketts from 1986 to 1996
  7. That Kid Griffey sure is something, isn’t he?
  8. Your go-to haggling argument always starts with “but the book value is…”
  9. Super collecting a player means you have over 100 of his base cards and one, MAYBE two of his autographs
  10. The cards of Phil Plantier, Mike Greenwell, Tino Martinez, Kevin Mitchell, etc. that are in holders are worth less than the holders they are in.
  11. You got angry when Score entered the picture, because it made collecting complicated.  Topps Fleer and Donruss are enough!