My wife is a life-long garagesaleaholic, and goes whenever she can.  I haven’t gone in years, but this past weekend, I was bitten by the bug, and decided to go.  The night before, I noticed a mini storage place was having a sale, so I said OOOH!  Lets take a look-see.  Someone posted up saying there were going to be sports autographs.  Heck, it was down the street, so why not? 

We loaded up the kiddos and drove down.  When we got there, and I first walked up, I saw a face I recognized.  As it turns out, the guy who posted the sports autographs for sale at the mini-storage location was the guy I sold my autographs to the week before!  What a sight!  There he was, with all my old autographs all over his tables.  I was a bit disappointed that it was my old stuff, but it ended up being a fun story, plus, I picked up an autographed Canseco baseball from him that he got when Canseco was in town for the Fan Expo.  I tried to negotiate with him, and he came down a bit, but wouldn’t get to my price, so I asked him to throw in a baggy of cards on the table he had, and he agreed.  As it turns out, there were 4 or 5 autographed cards in it.  That was fun! 

As what might be one of the few remaining Canseco fans out there, I would not be selling my Canseco ball I just got, but I already have one from the 90’s when my grandparents bought me one (and probably at 10 times the price of what I bought this one for.).  At the card show I went to this past June, I also had about eight autographed 8×10’s of his, and have 20 or so Star rookie sets from another deal, so I decided to put in a few pieces of the duplicates, and post them online to see if I get any bites.  Here is the picture of them.

If you are interested, let me know!  I also picked up the frame that the autographed 8×10 is in from a garage sale from later that day. 
The next garage sale we went to, I decided to ask the guy if he had any cards.  “As a matter of fact, I do!”  He ran inside, pulled out a big box of cards, binder, etc.  I looked through them, and found literally nothing.  The problem was, is there was a guy behind me watching me go through the cards, and would keep throwing out comments “wow bro, that’s gotta be worth a pretty penny…” etc.  I kept thinking yeah, altogether, you may very well get one pretty penny for the box.  He said “Oh yeah, I do have another box inside with some better stuff.”  He came out with another box – the cards were jumbled up, but there was an 89 Upper Deck Griffey, a chrome insert refractor of Jeter, and some others.  I made an offer and he said “You know what?  I think I’m just going to hang onto these for now.” 
Why bring them out then?  Oh well. 
We continued driving, and stopped at a yard sale where everything was in the dirt.  It was a bunch of just “stuff” everywhere.  I found a big Norman Rockwell picture as well as a painting of ships – both were awesome, both were dirt cheap and my family thought I was nuts I wanted to buy them.  As it turns out, the picture of the ships apparently sells online for $325 without the frame!  I was going to sell the Norman Rockwell, but after hanging it to take a picture and post online, my wife kept saying “wow, that looks really good.  I really like it.”  Ok, fine – we’ll keep it.  I guess I owe her anyway, for trading her guitar she barely touched for a bunch of cards and bobbleheads a day or two before that!  🙂

This thing looks awesome, and is hanging in my office right now, until the right buyer/trader comes along.

So yeah, I guess the pictures more than made up for the sports cards I lost out on. 

The last one I bought anything from was a garage sale these two older ladies were running.  I picked up a huuuuge Houston Rockets poster and 2 bobbleheads, along with the frame I put one of my Canseco 8×10’s in.  Later that day, I was able to pass the poster & bobbleheads on to someone else for more than I bought everything that whole day for. 

I don’t see myself ever making a living on this stuff, but I don’t know if it is possible to have more fun than that.  It was an absolute  blast!