Recently, we got to catch up with Kevin M. of Washington, to hear more about how his life has changed ever since becoming the proud new owner of the Elton Brand Super Collection.  Read this exclusive interview here. 

How did you run across this auction?
Actually, I wrote a computer program that aggregates my searches across Craigslist, Amazon, Ebay,, and a few other sites like and its sister site, The program has been running on my supercomputer for several years with zero hits, so when this one came up, I knew I had to have it.

What was first going through your mind when you found it?
Mostly that Jennifer Lopez had really gone downhill! Then I realized there were no pics of J-Lo, just Elton. That was a bummer.

What did you have to eat the night before you won? Do you feel like that positively affected the outcome of your winning the auction?
I ate a basketball rim because my favorite nickname for Brand is ‘Front Rim’ Brand. Hehe, that’s funny. BTW, basketball rims are not as chewy as they look.

How long have you been a die-hard Elton Brand stalker….errr…collector?
All my life. You see, it was prophesied when I was still in the womb that I would start a jeans company called Elton Brand jeans. When I finally got enough venture capital to start the company, some upstart basketball chump from Duke blocked my trademark request. Since then, it’s been kind of an obsession.

Now that you have the collection, how do you expect it to change your life?
I will offer it to Sir Elton himself in a last attempt to mollify him into letting me start Elton Brand Jeans Co. With whatever cards are left over after that, I have a few rooms that need wallpapering.

Is it true that you are planning on throwing them all in your bed, and rolling around in the cards?
I was told there would be no personal questions in this interview!! But no, if I roll around in these priceless cards, it will be in the bathtub.

How many requests from media outlets and talk shows have you been contacted to be a guest on, and what are they?
My agent has received a total of -3 requests. I have been asked to stay away from Conan, The New York Times and, most emphatically, Beckett.

J-Lo has been in contact with me about your date. As a special favor to me, she had agreed to go out with you, and reported back to me. She said that you had taken her to McDonalds, ordered, and requested she pay for you. After that, you took her to the movies and had her flirt with the ticket guy so you could both get in free. What’s up with that?
I can’t think of ANY reason to be with a hot, female celebrity other than to get free stuff from her fame. Wait…no…NO other reason.

It is no surprise how high the Elton Brand Super Collection went for on Ebay. I am just amazed at how quickly you were able to pay. Were there any financial backers helping fund this purchase? Did you have to mortgage your house?
What? J-Lo actually paid for the E.B. Super Collection. That’s how much she wanted to go out with me!

Do you have anything else you would like for our blog subscribers to know?
Well, not to get all serious, but it was really cool to win this. The philanthropy aspect of the auction is really great, I’d like to do something like that sometime. I’m not the biggest Elton Brand fan out there. Actually, I could take him or leave him. But I do really like the crazy variety of the lot. The refractors and die cuts are super cool and I’ll enjoy them. Also, I initially heard about the auction right here on 6 Million Cards, so blogging really paid off! Sorry the lot didn’t go for more though.

Thanks a bunch and I’ll let you know how it works out with J-Lo!

Thank you, Kevin – you’ve been a great sport.  I got a real kick out of your answers!