After not getting anything hugely awesome in my birthday baseball card box break, I decided to have some fun and post up my 2012 Bowman Prospects Bryce Harper, plus my 2012 invisifractor on ebay to see how well it would do.  I’ve gotta admit – the attention it has already gotten was well worth it, lol! 

The Ebay Auction

2012 Invisifractor Discovered; More Rare than SuperfractorMay 11, 2012 from Card Mfr. Headquarters
For Immediate Release

After a number of excited collectors and investors have discovered in its 2012 retail product, it just doesn’t hold a candle to its hobby and jumbo counterparts. An unofficial Spokesman from the popular baseball card manufacturer has confirmed and extra surprise in the retail version. Something more rare than the superfractors.

Enter: the Invisifractor. A slickly designed card using cutting edge technology to give the appearance that it is invisible.

“You can literally see right through it” an unofficial spokesperson in an exclusive interview.

“The best part about it, is that when placed on top of a regular base or chrome card, the card actually *becomes* an invisifractor. It is truly remarkable. It is so rare in fact, that there is not a serial number anywhere, making each invisifractor rarer than a superfractor. Yes, that means that it is a 0/0 card.”

One has been pulled from boxes at a well known retail outlet, though, the lack of markings on the card make it difficult to substantiate the claim.

When asked what he was going to do with it, the proud new owner mentioned that he is going to put it up on ebay.

“I’m going to make a killing off of this puppy! Imagine the value of a superfractor Stephen Strasburg, combined with a superfractor Bryce Harper. I’m going to be riiiiiiich! When purchased off of ebay, the owner should IMMEDIATELY send it off for grading, as it should certainly receive a 10.”

While some are not clear about if this is a hoax or not, others claim they see right through this shameless shenanigan to score some easy money to buy some more baseball cards.

Front of the Invisifractor

Back of the Invisifractor