Mouschi 1/1 Auto DNA Moustache Relic on Ebay up over $200 … Plus a Video!

I thought I'd do a video of the card, auction, and contest. The auction now has 1,199 views, 73 watchers, 50 bids and is at $204.72 with 5 days left to go. Let's keep it going guys! Once again, here is the link to the ebay auction:

Buy My Moustache … Plus a Chance to WIN!

Ever since I debuted my upper lip equipped with a manly handlebar moustache, I have heard TANNER!  You absolutely MUST make a card with your moustache (or mustache, if you prefer spelling it that way.) We all knew that it was going to happen.  Well, friends - the time has come.  Years ago, Allen & Ginter debuted this idea with a hair from Abraham Lincoln. It was a framed mini relic. I was going to do that as well, but instead, I decided to amp it up a bit.  Instead of using an Allen & Ginter card, I opted for a full size

My Beckett has now hit shelves, along with more good news!

I'm not exactly the kind of guy who plays it "cool".  If something awesome has happened to me, I get pumped about it and write until it is out of my system.  It isn't an ego thing at all; it is more of an expression of thankfulness to God for allowing something great to happen to someone like me, who is so undeserving. In light of this, I am determined to not introduce myself to strangers as "AAAHHH!!!  The guy who is on Beckett Monthly with Jose Canseco!!!" because I think people would take it wrong.  Sure, I have taken